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Blocky Road

Great fun and fair price, Ingame prices 4 skilling could b less 4 avoiding boredom.

Blocky Roads

Das behindertste Spiel EVER

Great game less repetitive than hill climb

Needs car sharing


Good but the sensitivity is super slow I fly for thirty seconds on a level and the whole time Im trying to go up 20 degrees but I go up only about 9

Needs MORE levels

Kids love this game but desperately needs more levels and more prizes to gather! I keep having to delete the game and re- install so my 4 yr old can keep playing because he finishes all the levels. An update with new material would be great!!!!!


This is a bad game and very buggy on a iPod 5 fix the glitches then mabey a 2 star game keep working at this game it COULD be fun COULD be with some tune-ups

Great Game!!!!!

This was a very awesome game. Very fun and not too hard. The car editor/ maker was really cool too. This is like an upgraded version of hill climb racing

too expensive to create new cars!

Awesome game but the price shouldnt double the more you create cars because its a pain to play over and over again to collect coins!

The game

This game is awesome its one of my favorite games

Very similar to hillclimb

Read the title

Low quality physics.

Cars when they are not upgraded much poorly accelerate uphills and on steeper inclined they actually go backwards even with full throttle. This makes no sense because normally on inclined when your throttle is matted, your power outdoes your tires right? This is what Im thinking but the speed side of things need to be fixed as well power upgrades and the stock settings.



Up graded hill climb racing

Awesome game Ive recommended to a lot of people. But its like an upgraded hill climb racing :)

can u add

Idk but do u think u could add text so you can put writing on the car and new levels because its to easy

Great game!

A bit of a grind to get car specs to 10/10 but fun as... Stuck on challenge 5, cant get 3 stars. :( Finished everything else and i still play it to beat my times, or get coins to upgrade other vehicles. Lots if re-playability.

Great game but

I like this game allot but it would be better if there was multiplayer


Make a custom map editor feature


This game is dah BEST! U game producers are insanely genuis cuz I dont normally buy MineCraft based games

Its pretty wicked

I loves it

Hate it

Its stupid how when you roll over you blow up (Does not happen in real life)

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